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Another inspired competitor who I felt deserved to be recognized in the world of combat sports.Danny is for sure someone who has a bright future ahead of him. Thank you for your input Danny and best of luck from me to you.


My name is Danny Fredoline & i’m from Sabah, Malaysia. I’m the one wearing red gloves in the photo. I started karate when i was 7 years old under Wado-ryu style in Brunei & stopped 4 years because got transferred to Sabah, Malaysia. By the age of 15, started to join karate under Shotokan style til now, my age now is 29 years old. I’ve representing Malaysia for 2 years & in that period of time I’ve been competing WKF 2006 FinlandAKF 2007 MalaysiaTurkish Open 2006 IstanbulFinland Open 2006SEAGAMES 2005 Philippines Manila,  Hong Kong Invitation tournament 2005, & Malaysian Open 2005. It’s a great experience to fought few World Karate Champion like Nagaki Shinji from Japan & Jasem Modami from Iran.. After my 2 years representing Malaysia, i’m still competing Karate til present. I’ve a few fight on, type danzfuracao & you’ll see video of me competing.

I use adidas karate uniform is because it’s has a good air flow, durable in competition & good look. It’s a great pleasure to shop with because they have good quality product & have every equipment available for all martial art. Thank you.


I recently received an email from a buyer who was serving in Afghanistan and wanted to know if I had any special discounts for military personal.My first reaction to this buyer was since he was out there serving our country I figured why not give back and donate to an individual who is risking his life every day to better our nation.I thank you Matt Groves for your interest in 1Goal4You and for serving our country. God Bless man!!


My names is SPC Groves I’m a medic in the Army currently serving in Afghanistan. I a big fan of MMA and often train/watch/read to escape being away from home. I’m doing a 9 months tour as a medical advisor for the Afghan National Army on a SFAAT team. I resently got these MMA shorts from 1goal4you and truth be told they are the most comfortable MMA shorts I have ever worn.

Matt Groves.


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Rodolfo has recently competed in Venezuela at a tournament of 700 participants and has accomplished in winning a first place gold medal. We would like to take this opportunity in congratulating him in his hard work of training for this event.


I’m from Venezuela and we live there to. I started training because I signed up my 5 year old son and decided to get involved to. This was a regional tournament in our home state Miranda,there was 700 hundred participants.I wanted to use Adidas because our Sensei instructor wears it and promotes it as well.We thank you for the service and product.

Rodolfo Hoffman